Sophie in the Studio

Sophie is a female photographic artist living & working whenever and wherever she can.


Originally born in The Lake District, Sophie moved to the outskirts of Blackpool at a young age before moving to Manchester to attend Manchester School of Art to study Photography.


The title, Sophie in the Studio, is credited as an ironic musing. Within her practice, Sophie has developed a distaste for the conventional studio and became more experimental and unconventional with her landscapes and process'.


Sophie defines her practice as Social Documentary and deeply personal at times. The work tends to infuse her passion for traveling, meeting new people and investigating new cultures with her own personal experiences and feelings.  


 In 2017, Sophie completed her year-long research piecce into Mental Health, the performance of art and viewership with an experimental floor piece entitled 'TROPE'. The work was accompanied by a handmade zine of Sophie's supporting work. When the zine was deconstructed, it revealed a poem on mental health by local poet Hallie Fletcher entitled 'Anxiety'.  Sophie not only debuted the work at "YOU MADE IT" at Manchester's Holden Gallery but opened the exhibition with it. Audiences actively had to walk over the work to enter the gallery - a performative part of the piece that sparked controversy. Sophie then took the work around the country - most notably showcasing it as apart of the artist collective Post Silver, in Hoxton Arches, London.   The Post Silver is a student-run photographic collective in which Sophie fundraised, exhibited and curated parts of the exhibition with her photographic art school colleagues. 


Sophie has exhibited her work across Manchester with guerilla-style pop-ups and as a part of artist collectives since 2014.  Sophie is also credited as a contributing editor to the online platform Grrrlizm and has written a short essay entitled 'Suffragette City' that was used to open the feminist creative collectives first publication. The publication entitled 'Womanhood' also featured archival pieces from Sophies 'To Live & to Learn' project. 


Sophie is currently working on expanding her portfolio in a series of portraits entitled 'RED 40. Portraits of America" which has seen her travel the southern states extensively.


To accompany her growing body of work, Sophie has also launched a conversational side to her website entitled "So...?". So is part podcast part free-flowing conversation. Sophie has always recorded conversations that have inspired her in her journals but has decided to physically record them to help inspire and motivate others. The podcast invites fellow creatives and influencers in Sophie's life both professionally and personally to talk about their passions and experiences in the world. If you'd like to know more or feature on the podcast, please contact Sophie via the email below.



Project X

Federation House, Manchester, May - 2015



Secret Garden, Fallowfield, Manchester January - 2015


Mayday Arts Festival 

Antwerp Mansion, Rusholme, Manchester,  May - 2016


Borders Collective

Antwerp Mansion, Rusholme, Manchester, May - 2016



Grosvenor Gallery, Manchester, February 2017


You Made It!

Holden Gallery, Manchester, June 2017


The Post Silver

Hoxton Arches, Hoxton, London, July 2017 


GRRLIZM Arts Festival

Common, Northern Quarter, Manchester, March-May 2018 





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